Torrentz is getting better every year

This torrent search engine celebrated its 10th anniversary in summer this year. Imagine it, 10 years of serving millions of people daily, Torrentz became the second most visited bittorrent engine in 2012. So last year it was holding its second place after the gigantic Pirate Bay. But how has Torrentz managed to keep it up so long?


Torrentz was launched by a person called Flippy and this tracker is based in Finland. Its main function is to provide torrents from different other large sources and therefore options to choose between trackers before starting the download. This makes it safe to use whenever some trackers are down, it uses another one instead.

It has not always been so easy for the website, as it might look at first. Exactly five years ago in November the team behind Torrentz had to change its domain name due to some hackers trying to overtake its main .com domain. Two years later in 2010, the new domain became its default one. The reason now was not so much of the hackers but more because of the authorities carrying out legal actions against torrent sites. This year Torrentz is under fire again, whereas Paramount Pictures is trying to block its website on large search engines with the help of DMCA. So far the team has said that they were not hosting any copyrighted materials, so there was no legal basis for it.


How does it work?

The front-end look for users is very discreet and easy to manage. There is a search box and a menu with extra options. Noone has to register to begin using Torrentz. Its search feature is developed to suggest keywords while using it, so it has automatic tool for offering popular search phrases. It can be annoying sometimes, but definitely helps out beginners. After one has input the phrase into search box, the system hands out a list of all available torrents. Now the user has the possibility to filter results by date and quality, so one can choose from torrents that are marked as safe.

Going on in the process of downloading torrents, the user would need a bittorrent client to get the torrent file work. There are many of these programs for different taste – let it be uTorrent, ChilliTorrent or Vuze – they all work the same with some personal options. Once the user has installed one of these clients and searched for some torrents, he can start downloading files into his computer’s hard disk. There is nothing really hard doing it and even every beginner can handle it.